being hateful but that aint nothin’ im just jealous. im just human. 

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I don’t think I could ever date a good actor like he could tell me he loves me and I’d be like nah you said it much more convincingly to kate winslet try again

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when you look cute in a snapchat and they don’t reply image

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*university voice* unfortunately… we have too much money… so we have to raise tuition so we can build a place to keep all the other money in… so sorry unavoidable

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Finish this s

oulja boy off in this hoe Watch me crank it Watch me roll Watch me crank that soulja boy Then super man that hoe Now watch me you (crank that soulja boy) Now watch me you (crank that soulja boy) Now watch me you (crank that soulja boy) Now watch me you (crank that soulja boy)

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I’ll bet you’d look adorable grasping at the sheets on my bed

no matter how many times u compliment me im not making ur bed

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dont judge a book by its cover. my math textbook has a picture of someone enjoying themselves on it. i did not enjoy myself at all

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I truly go into housewife mode when im someones girlfriend like I will make u pancakes and bacon every morning and suck u up whenever u want

this a lie

im literally dating this girl

this a lie

she dont even know how to cook a pancake what is this

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